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Week 35 – Photoshoot, Scan, Maternity Leave!

Maternity Leave

This week marks week 35 of our pregnancy journey and the premature beginning of Sarah’s maternity leave. I’ve been encouraging Sarah to start her maternity leave whenever she feels like she has to.  She wanted to work right through until 39 weeks, which in hindsight was probably never going to happen.  The midwife laughed at her last week when she was talking about moving it forward.  She said that so many women say they’ll power through until the end but end up hitting a wall around 35/36 weeks.

To be fair, looking at her, even the way she’s walking has changed.  She’s waddling around like a little duck.  Her bump seems to grow so much every day, I’m forever taking a second look at her thinking “Christ she’s bigger again”.  I take my hat off to her, she’s dealt with pregnancy like a trooper.  She’s still going to Yoga and swimming and hasn’t used pregnancy as an excuse for anything. I’d heard horror stories about women being really hormonal but she’s been more-or-less her usual self.  I’m so proud of her, I think she’s going to be an amazing mother.

Sarah is quite nervous about starting her maternity leave because she’s a really active person.  She loves her job and I think a year without that is going to be a challenge for her.  Though I suppose when baby arrives she will have her hands full!

Pregnancy Photoshoot


This past weekend a friend of ours came over to take some pregnancy photos of Sarah.  This type of thing really isn’t my ‘thing’ but she loves it so it was an exciting night for her. Sarah loves taking photos, and by that I mean Sarah absolutely loves taking photos. Laura (the photographer) came over around 6 pm and didn’t leave until well after 10.  It was funny listening in from another room, she was trying to get Sarah to loosen up and just smile naturally but it didn’t take her long to find her feet.

The photos are absolutely brilliant, Sarah looks as beautiful as ever.  People like to throw the word ‘blooming’ around but she’s just so much more than blooming. Some of the photos took my breath away. It was nice to see how happy she was, she’s a very simple person, it’s the small things with Sarah. Initially, I’d said I wasn’t going to get in any photos as I hate stuff like this but I got in a few, just to keep her happy.

Growth Scan

We had what we thought would be our last growth scan this week but they actually gave us one more at 39 weeks.  I love going to the scans, they are not only reassuring to us both but a nice chance to see our little bundle of joy doing her thing.  Our appointment was with the consultant, we spoke about how the baby is growing and that Sarah would be booked in to be induced on her due date.  This is because we’ve had IVF and they like to deliver the baby at the best possible time. It was a bit daunting but we’ve known from the beginning they’d do it this way.

Sarah is hoping that the baby might come naturally as she’d really like to use the birthing pool.  The consultant explained to us that if she’s induced she wouldn’t be able to go in the pool as she’d be hooked up to machines so they can keep a close watch on the baby. He explained that although we have that date booked, the baby is engaged and there’s every chance she could come early.

My days are dragging so much recently.  It’s like waiting for Christmas, but then not actually knowing what day Christmas is. My phone is on loud constantly, my stress levels are through the roof but I have to keep reminding myself not to panic if anything happens.  I’m never more than 30 minutes away from home, so if she does go into labour I’ll be there quickly.

If you have any advice, questions or anything else, feel free to contact me!

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