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Week 30 – Antenatal classes and hospital bags!

Antenatal classes

This week we’re into our 30th week of pregnancy.  A lot has happened, notably our last antenatal class (which have been excellent I must say).  A couple with their 3-month-old baby came to talk about their experience so far. There was a massive emphasis on “enjoy your free time now because once the baby arrives…you’ll have none”. They talked about labor and lack of sleep which seems to be the recurring issue people are talking about whenever I mention we’re having a baby.

It’s probably going to be a massive shock to me as currently, I like to sleep 10 hours a night. We also covered bathing, changing, safety and unfortunately cot death.  The classes themselves have been absolutely brilliant, especially as first-time parents with absolutely no idea what to expect.  Although saying that they’ve been equally terrifying and definitely hammer home how “hard” it’s going to be.

Is it really that hard?

I’d say one thing which has been mentioned over and over, not just at our antenatal classes has been how hard things are going to be and sitting here I really can’t see how it’s going to be so difficult. Yeah, a crying baby probably isn’t going to be ideal and there’s going to be days when we’re both just fed up, but surely being a parent can’t be that difficult if you’re prepared and know what to expect?

I know it’s probably going to be a lot harder for Sarah as she’s taken a year maternity leave and I’ll be working through a lot of these hard days, but I’d like to think we’re pretty solid and clever enough to recognize when we need a break. We’re incredibly lucky to have a lot of support around us, so I don’t think we’re going to be too bad.  I must say though, I’m writing this through naive eyes so future me might look back on this and want to smack past me for being an idiot. We’ll see I guess!

Hospital bag!

Hospital Bag

Sarah has started packing her hospital bag. You’d think she was packing for a 3 month trip to Thailand from the amount of crap she’s packing. It’s hard to tell if she actually needs most of the stuff because when we travel abroad she’s a big packer anyway. This time I don’t really have an issue with it because I really want her to feel comfortable and prepared for the hospital. It’s really strange writing this because time is just flying at the minute, there’s not a lot of time left.  A friend of ours just has their baby last week and they came early, 34 weeks to be precise.  That’s mind blowing to think, that could happen to us….and that is only 3 weeks away!



Come to think of it, I best get myself away….gotta sort this hospital bag! Oh, if you think we should be taking something that the internet doesn’t suggest contact me and let me know.

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