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Week 36 – Nesting, New Arrival, Babysitting!

Today marks the end of week 36 of pregnancy and Sarah is in full-blown nesting mode. Everything just seems to be moving in slow motion, I’m totally ready to meet our daughter. The good news is, we only have 4 weeks left at the very most!

Maternity leave & Nesting

Sarah has officially begun her Maternity leave. Last Friday her work friends threw her a leaving party which involved doing an escape room activity and they went for food afterwards. When she arrived home she was a bit emotional as I don’t think she knows what to do with herself.  She has been relaxed though and has been ‘getting things done’ around the house.  This has mainly been furiously cleaning everything we own.  I think I’ve heard it mentioned as nesting.

Sarah reminds me of Monica from Friends with the way she cleans, but this is just next level.  We have wood flooring throughout our house and you could eat your dinner off them at the moment.  Our bedroom is absolutely spotless. We’re quite house proud people but all of the ‘crap’ usually ends up in our bedroom so she wanted it gutted before the baby arrives. As I’m typing this she’s currently scrubbing the bathroom making sure everything is perfect for our arrival. There’s me thinking her going on maternity leave would allow her to relax but it’s been quite the opposite.

New Arrival

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Sarah is one of 5 of her friends who are having babies around the same time.  We had IVF and fell pregnant, then within weeks, 4 others fell pregnant.  I think it’s going to be really nice for Sarah to have her close friends around while on maternity leave when I’m working.  They can support each other and keep each other company. This week was quite special as one of Sarahs best friends actually came early. 5 weeks early. It was a massive shock to us all but I’m happy to be able to say baby and mother are fine and they’ll hopefully be home soon.

Her waters broke on Friday and she was given steroids to help the baby’s lungs develop as it was a little too soon. She ended up going into labour on Saturday morning and an hour and 12 minutes later little Joseph was born. I’ve been teasing Sarah saying because her friend had the ‘easy’ labour she’s going to be the one who’s in for 3 days.  I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself. That’s the other good thing about her being heavily pregnant.  I can chat any amounts of shit and she can’t do anything but waddle towards me.


Well, I say babysitting.  We’ve got my youngest sister stopping over this weekend.  She’s 17 and this weekend will be her first night out on the town with her friends.  Mother Goose is away so my sister is staying with us.  I was talking to mam the other day and she’s really stressing about my sister going out.  Rightly so, really. She’s only 17 and she thinks she’s going to get spiked/get abducted etc. etc.  I tried to tell her she’s going to be fine and we’ll pick her up but I guess it’s just her motherly instincts kicking in.

It had me thinking.  I wonder if I’m going to be super protective or will I be worried sick when our daughter reaches this age?  Probably. But I guess at this age you can’t really control kids anymore.  You have to let them have experiences and inevitably learn from their mistakes. I’m not really too worried about her though, she’s got her head screwed on for being a young kid and if it turns out they don’t get in anywhere, which they probably won’t Sarah and I can always arrange to pick them up.

I guess we’ll see how this all pans out in next weeks blog! Oh, completely unrelated, but if you haven’t tried the Aldi Beef absolutely must!  It’s a rolled up Yorkshire pudding packed with beef.  Delicious!

Week 35 – Photoshoot, Scan, Maternity Leave!

Maternity Leave

This week marks week 35 of our pregnancy journey and the premature beginning of Sarah’s maternity leave. I’ve been encouraging Sarah to start her maternity leave whenever she feels like she has to.  She wanted to work right through until 39 weeks, which in hindsight was probably never going to happen.  The midwife laughed at her last week when she was talking about moving it forward.  She said that so many women say they’ll power through until the end but end up hitting a wall around 35/36 weeks.

To be fair, looking at her, even the way she’s walking has changed.  She’s waddling around like a little duck.  Her bump seems to grow so much every day, I’m forever taking a second look at her thinking “Christ she’s bigger again”.  I take my hat off to her, she’s dealt with pregnancy like a trooper.  She’s still going to Yoga and swimming and hasn’t used pregnancy as an excuse for anything. I’d heard horror stories about women being really hormonal but she’s been more-or-less her usual self.  I’m so proud of her, I think she’s going to be an amazing mother.

Sarah is quite nervous about starting her maternity leave because she’s a really active person.  She loves her job and I think a year without that is going to be a challenge for her.  Though I suppose when baby arrives she will have her hands full!

Pregnancy Photoshoot


This past weekend a friend of ours came over to take some pregnancy photos of Sarah.  This type of thing really isn’t my ‘thing’ but she loves it so it was an exciting night for her. Sarah loves taking photos, and by that I mean Sarah absolutely loves taking photos. Laura (the photographer) came over around 6 pm and didn’t leave until well after 10.  It was funny listening in from another room, she was trying to get Sarah to loosen up and just smile naturally but it didn’t take her long to find her feet.

The photos are absolutely brilliant, Sarah looks as beautiful as ever.  People like to throw the word ‘blooming’ around but she’s just so much more than blooming. Some of the photos took my breath away. It was nice to see how happy she was, she’s a very simple person, it’s the small things with Sarah. Initially, I’d said I wasn’t going to get in any photos as I hate stuff like this but I got in a few, just to keep her happy.

Growth Scan

We had what we thought would be our last growth scan this week but they actually gave us one more at 39 weeks.  I love going to the scans, they are not only reassuring to us both but a nice chance to see our little bundle of joy doing her thing.  Our appointment was with the consultant, we spoke about how the baby is growing and that Sarah would be booked in to be induced on her due date.  This is because we’ve had IVF and they like to deliver the baby at the best possible time. It was a bit daunting but we’ve known from the beginning they’d do it this way.

Sarah is hoping that the baby might come naturally as she’d really like to use the birthing pool.  The consultant explained to us that if she’s induced she wouldn’t be able to go in the pool as she’d be hooked up to machines so they can keep a close watch on the baby. He explained that although we have that date booked, the baby is engaged and there’s every chance she could come early.

My days are dragging so much recently.  It’s like waiting for Christmas, but then not actually knowing what day Christmas is. My phone is on loud constantly, my stress levels are through the roof but I have to keep reminding myself not to panic if anything happens.  I’m never more than 30 minutes away from home, so if she does go into labour I’ll be there quickly.

If you have any advice, questions or anything else, feel free to contact me!

Week 34 – Birthday, Baby shower, Football!

Happy Birthday!

This week marked week 34 of pregnancy and the 4th birthday of our lovely little Daisy. As you can see in the picture above, she was absolutely thrilled with my wife’s idea to stick a party hat on her. We took her for a massive walk and she had a birthday treat of scrambled eggs for her lunch. One thing we’re conscious of is still making a fuss of the dog when the baby arrives.  It’s going to be a massive change for everyone, including the dog.  Sarah has an irritating habit of treating the dog like a child a lot of the time so when an actual child is around it’s confusing for her because she assumes we are talking to her, which subsequently gets her excited.

Baby Shower

Last weekend Sarah had her baby shower at a place quite close to us called The Hive. She absolutely loves this place, so when arranging her baby shower this was always where it was going to be. Now being a bloke, and having never been to a baby shower I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I’d heard of weird games such as eating out of a nappy etc.  but I wasn’t really sure what it involved.  I was completely perplexed when she came home with a car full of bags. There must have been 20 gift bags.  We spent the evening opening presents for the baby. Both of us were completely overwhelmed with the generosity people had shown us. Our baby is going to be the best dressed that’s for sure!


So while all of the baby shower business was taking place, I decided I’d take my 5-year-old nephew to his first Newcastle United match. I always remember my first football game, it was an amazing experience.  Fans singing, the roar of the stadium when a goal was scored, a pie at halftime. It has stuck with me my entire life. I’ve wanted to do this for ages but none of my nephews are old enough, except young Reece.

I told my sister I’d take him but I was a little bit anxious as I’ve never actually spent any time alone with him.  I had a vision of him starting to cry and me not having any idea what I’d do if he did or one of those full-blown meltdowns that kids can have. She assured me he would be fine and he’s usually no bother at all. I’m going to hold my hands up and say that I googled ‘How to talk to a 5-year-old’.  I was shitting my pants. Completely inexperienced. One thing I was sure about though was that it was going to be an awesome day!

So yeah, kids are hard work!

Now, before I go any further, let me tell you, I was not prepared for how many questions I would be bombarded with. This kid can talk, and by talk I mean he never, not even for 5 minutes stopped talking all day. I think he must hold the world record for the number of times asking ‘Why?’ in a day.  It was quite a humbling experience for me, I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know until a 5-year-old asked me about everything he saw. The first hour or so was fine, but as the day went on I was mentally drained.  The kid is golden, but my god I don’t know how people manage to do this every day. Oh, and how much food do kids put away? For being tiny things kids can do some eating! I could not fill him up at all.


St James Park

The match was everything I could have asked for. On our way to the stadium, we passed some guys holding massive flags and singing songs.  I could see how emersed he was, the look of fascination was really nice to watch. I got goosebumps as we walked out onto the stadium concourse and he could see just how great the football ground was.

As the game progressed he started shouting and singing some of the songs and he nearly jumped out of his skin when they scored the first goal.  The noise was immense, he didn’t really know what to do but as soon as they scored the second goal, he joined in with the jumping up and down and shouting with joy. Our day ended on a high as Newcastle won the game 2-1.

On our way home it was all he wanted to talk about.  It was great to see how happy it made him, and I really enjoyed the experience as well.  I was drained, but I’d do it every weekend if I could afford it. My sister sent me a message later on that evening saying he was on cloud nine and just wanted to talk about the football with everyone. We made a memory that day that will stick with him through his entire life.

Week 33 – Broken Waters! (Almost)

Broken waters!

On Friday night, such is tradition, I bought myself some beers to relax for the weekend.  It was a bit strange because Sarah and I talked about how I probably shouldn’t drink too much over the next few weeks as It’s probably not ideal I turn up to the hospital drunk if she goes into labor. I’d sort of brushed it off because, well we’ve still got 6 weeks to go.

Fast forward about 3 hours or so and she’d just got out of the shower.  We were talking about something, I can’t remember what but water just slowly started dripping down her leg onto our bedroom floor.  We have wood flooring throughout so it was pretty obvious straight away. I asked if she was all right and she looked at me puzzled.  I pointed to the floor and asked again if she was all right? She looked at me and told me she didn’t need the toilet. Could this be happening? Surely not? Broken Waters!

Remarkably we both stayed really calm, I expected myself to start panicking immediately but I didn’t.  I was calm and collected, and a little drunk.  I should have listened to her advice. She called 111 and they asked her to do a few things, she was told to wear a pad and check an hour later to see if it was wet.  She wasn’t in any pain, and luckily she wasn’t still leaking water either.  Even though everything was fine we still couldn’t explain the water so on Saturday morning we decided to call the hospital and book an appointment.

Better safe than sorry!

We arrived at the hospital on Saturday afternoon after a quiet morning.  There was still no pain, no discomfort. They were extremely good with us as usual.  Sarah was made to feel at ease immediately.  She was monitored using two bands for babies movement and heartbeat for about 45 minutes.  It was really assuring to hear the heartbeat, which went up every time baby moved.

They took her blood and a urine sample which showed signs of an infection. This later came back fine, though.  The midwife explained that because Sarah is so slight, the readings on the machine they used would usually show contractions are actually just movements. Fortunately for us, it was more likely that she’d just wet herself, which is apparently really common in pregnant women. Broken waters!? Nope. Pee.  This left us a bit red faced, but I guess you should be better safe than sorry!

After the stress of the night before and spending a good chunk of our day in the hospital, we decided to eat out that night.  We decided on a place called Turkusine.  It was absolutely delicious, we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was our first time eating Turkish food and we will definitely be back.

Future of the blog

I’ve had some good inspiration lately from twitter. I’d like to start writing some reviews in the near future and I’ve also got some really good ideas for articles that aren’t personal blog posts.  I’d like to think over the next few weeks I’ll get a few of these out.  I’m really enjoying twitter, I’ve never really used it before starting this blog.  I got myself all chuffed last night when I hit 50 followers! It’s the little things in life!

As always, if you have any advice, comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter.

Week 32 – Growth Scan and Games

Growth Scan

This week was particularly quiet for us, you might even say run-of-the-mill, however, we did have a growth scan. Sarah was at her friends baby shower last Saturday and she worked on Sunday so we didn’t get a chance to do much. It has worked out really well for Sarah as 5 of her close friends are also pregnant. They are all due within a month of us as well which should make maternity leave a bit easier for her.  I think it’ll do wonders for her, having friends to support each other through the tough days when I’ll be working.

As we having an IVF baby, the hospital told us we’d be scanned every month of our pregnancy. It has been a real blessing for us. Most people only get a 12-week scan and a 20-week scan. I’ve missed the past 2 scans though.  I let my mother attend one as she’s beyond excited and my mother in law attended another. I was really excited to see her yesterday as it has been a long 8-week wait. She was so big, it’s unbelievable seeing the changes at each scan. She was measuring 5.2 pounds which is exactly what they’d like her to be.  Although she didn’t move around much,  it’s reassuring to see her and know everything is just fine.

We have another appointment in 3 weeks to see our consultant which we believe is when they will discuss the birth with us.  Sarah has said throughout the pregnancy that she believes she will come early and I don’t think she’s wrong.  Sarah is very petite and has already got a massive bump, it’s hard to see how she will last another 7 weeks.

Destiny 2

Nerdgasm alert! Destiny 2 was released this week for consoles. I’d played Destiny on my PlayStation obsessively for about a year before the guys I played with quit. When I found out they’d be releasing Destiny 2 for PC I was absolutely buzzing. I’ve always been a PC gamer and often found myself wishing they’d have released it for PC when I was playing PS4.  I got the chance to play the open Beta the other week and it was absolutely stunning on PC.

The game feels MUCH better than it ever did on console.  I think it’s down to the fact you can play the game in 4k. at 60+ FPS. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was.  They’ve done a really good job porting it over.  I can’t wait to play it!  There’s only one catch, though.  My only gripe is that consoles get an early release. It isn’t released on PC until 24/10/2017.  That’s 1 day before our due date! Bummer!  Usually, I’d spend 12 hours a day on a new game on weekends (I know, I’m a nerd…). I still hope to get an hour or so in a day once the baby arrives, though!

For now, my eyes are green with envy watching these console twitch streamers in their element playing.


I kept my promise from last week and finally completed the about page.  I’m probably going to change it from time to time with new/additional information so if you’re interested, go and take a look!