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Week 32 – Growth Scan and Games

Growth Scan

This week was particularly quiet for us, you might even say run-of-the-mill, however, we did have a growth scan. Sarah was at her friends baby shower last Saturday and she worked on Sunday so we didn’t get a chance to do much. It has worked out really well for Sarah as 5 of her close friends are also pregnant. They are all due within a month of us as well which should make maternity leave a bit easier for her.  I think it’ll do wonders for her, having friends to support each other through the tough days when I’ll be working.

As we having an IVF baby, the hospital told us we’d be scanned every month of our pregnancy. It has been a real blessing for us. Most people only get a 12-week scan and a 20-week scan. I’ve missed the past 2 scans though.  I let my mother attend one as she’s beyond excited and my mother in law attended another. I was really excited to see her yesterday as it has been a long 8-week wait. She was so big, it’s unbelievable seeing the changes at each scan. She was measuring 5.2 pounds which is exactly what they’d like her to be.  Although she didn’t move around much,  it’s reassuring to see her and know everything is just fine.

We have another appointment in 3 weeks to see our consultant which we believe is when they will discuss the birth with us.  Sarah has said throughout the pregnancy that she believes she will come early and I don’t think she’s wrong.  Sarah is very petite and has already got a massive bump, it’s hard to see how she will last another 7 weeks.

Destiny 2

Nerdgasm alert! Destiny 2 was released this week for consoles. I’d played Destiny on my PlayStation obsessively for about a year before the guys I played with quit. When I found out they’d be releasing Destiny 2 for PC I was absolutely buzzing. I’ve always been a PC gamer and often found myself wishing they’d have released it for PC when I was playing PS4.  I got the chance to play the open Beta the other week and it was absolutely stunning on PC.

The game feels MUCH better than it ever did on console.  I think it’s down to the fact you can play the game in 4k. at 60+ FPS. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was.  They’ve done a really good job porting it over.  I can’t wait to play it!  There’s only one catch, though.  My only gripe is that consoles get an early release. It isn’t released on PC until 24/10/2017.  That’s 1 day before our due date! Bummer!  Usually, I’d spend 12 hours a day on a new game on weekends (I know, I’m a nerd…). I still hope to get an hour or so in a day once the baby arrives, though!

For now, my eyes are green with envy watching these console twitch streamers in their element playing.


I kept my promise from last week and finally completed the about page.  I’m probably going to change it from time to time with new/additional information so if you’re interested, go and take a look!